Applying principles of permaculture to our gardens, with natural pesticides and insecticides. Having a waste water garden to water our plants with 'recycled' water. To reduce, reuse and recycle in every aspect!

We use as many natural materials as possible and apply a 'permaculture concept'. We do our best to be eco-friendly.

Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga Philosophy

Our DO's

Our DON'T's


  • Separate our rubbish

    • Plastic and paper sent to Eco Bali to be recycled

    • Organic waste, re-used as compost and mulch in our garden

  • Use low energy light bulbs

  • Use locally sourced building materials

    • Using bamboo in our infrastructure

    • Using used water bottles as walls

  • Nurture a permaculture garden

    • Organic nursery

    • Utilize micro organic fertilizer

    • Utilizing a waste water garden

    • Use natural insecticides in our garden from neem oil, garlic, and compost tea

    • Compost tea for our plants

  • Clean our towels with natural detergent: soap nut (Klerek)

  • We provide free drinking water to encourage guests to refill their water bottles to minimise plastic bottles.

  • Spray toxic chemicals in our gardens to repel mosquitoes and pests
  • Burn our rubbish or grass which releases harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • Use chemical flavor enhancers in our dishes e.g.. MSG (monosodium glutamate), Royco, Ajinomoto, etc.
  • Use chemical paint on most of our walls
  • To minimize water pollution from laundry, Eco Serenity Guesthouse Staff will only change your towels every 3 days- please dry your towels after use.
  • Please don't throw toilet paper in the toilet as we are using a natural septic tank - use the rubbish bin provided
  • Find out your carbon footprint and offset it here!

Our Eco-Friendly Projects

We build most parts of our buildings using bamboo to minimise the use of wood

Everywhere you see, there will be our spirit of a green ecosystem

We use our homemade Compost for fertilizer. Plastic bottles are recycled to make walls and barriers.

Permaculture Garden, Bee House and Orchid gardens are other projects to preserve nature in the spirit of being eco-friendly and Tri Hita Karana (harmony between humans, their God and their environment). From the beautiful orchids, medicinal plants as our "living apothecary", organic bananas and aromatherapy leaves- they are all fertilized with our homemade compost.

We are proud to say that Serenity is the first eco-friendly guesthouse in Canggu practicing permaculture. This means we develop an ecosystem that is self-sustaining through organic gardening. Expect to see a lot of vegetation around you and please do not be alarmed if you find insects or spiders in your room. Notify reception when this happens and we will take immediate action to do a deep room clean (be reminded we only use natural products with no chemicals for insect repellant)

Eco Permaculture Trail

This trail will lead you through our guesthouse and garden all the way to the compost, in order to show you in which ways Serenity is following Permaculture principles to be as sustainable as possible.

Come to Serenity & experience the trail!

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