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BEGINNER: For all those who want to start their yoga journey. Become familiar with the fundamentals of yoga practice, and receive more detailed instructions in the poses.

MINDFUL FLOW: A grounding, centering mindfully paced Hatha flow. Bring an open mind to this beautiful flow which uses pranayama weaved throughout the class. Learn how to unify the body, mind, and breath, and use your breath to organize the mind, whilst the body is led through a mindfully paced flow class. Perfect for starting your day in a mindful way whilst energizing the body. This class is suitable for beginners to advanced yogis who are looking for a meditative flow practice.

SOUL FLOW VINYASA: Soul Flow is a steady vinyasa flow to strengthen and engage the body and mindful alignment. You will be expect to be challenged but with big dose of laughter, beautiful music, and encouragement to find a place that respects your intelligent edge. This class is for all levels and includes movement synched with the breath as well as oppurtunities for stillness and reflection. This yoga style is simply the expansion of our innate ability to feel and experience each moment fully as it is.

HATHA: Slow-paced practice with emphasis on strengthening and loosening up the body and increasing concentration to stable, regular breathing. With Hatha Yoga practice your body will feel open and strong, your breathing unobstructed and your mind calm and quiet – ready for seated meditation.

HATHA FLOW: Slow-paced Hatha (flow), aimed at strengthening, lengthening, loosening, and relaxing the body and mind.

VINYASA: Vinyasa means ‘connection of movement and breath. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic sequence of breath-synchronized poses. A fluid and flowing practice to open and strengthen the body and mind.

CORE STRENGTH VINYASA: Deep, vigorous and energizing Vinyasa, for core strength , flexibility, alignment, and awareness. You’ll get every inch of your body working together to build all-over strength and capability, beginning right from your middle!

STRONG VINYASA FLOW: A strong Vinyasa flow that builds strength, balance, and flexibility evenly in the body. Simple and challenging movements alike.

GENTLE VINYASA FLOW: A gentle moving Vinyasa flow that releases tension from your body and mind, while resting attention calmly on your breath. Opens and strengthens your body while calming your mind.

VINYASA KRAMA: The art form of doing yoga variations.

ASHTANGA: Guided class following the sequence of asanas strictly in the tradition of Sri K Patabhi Jois, linking the postures together in a Vinyasa. A traditional and dynamic practice with a deep relaxation in the end of the class.

MYSORE: Learn and practice the Ashtanga sequence by heart, following your rhythm and breath. You are assisted by the teacher who is supporting you during the practice

CHAKRA FLOW: A chakra based Vinyasa practice with a changing theme each week (i.e. grounding, opening up, core strength, heart-opening) The class ends with Pranayama and Meditation.

DETOX-RETOX FLOW: Feeling sluggish? Twist it out! Release toxins and leave this class cleansed, glowing, and rejuvenated

POWER YOGA: Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. An offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction.

YIN YANG: This class starts with an energising, uplifting practice which then transitions to a deep, peaceful practise helping you feel rejuvenated and balanced for the rest of the day.

AERIAL YOGA : Aerial Yoga combines traditional mat yoga with postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks. With the help of gravity and the hammocks, we can playfully explore floating, fluid movements and create space in our bodies without compressing our joints and spine.

FLY HIGH YOGA: A form of aerial yoga that focuses on spinal decompression, return the spine to its natural curves, and create better alignment. With the aid of the belt and gravity, your flexibility will increase and you can stay in inversions for longer periods.

YIN: Slow-paced practice in which poses are held for 5+ minutes. Targeting the connective tissues, ligaments, organs, immune system, bones and joints. Yin Yoga combines aspects of Hatha Yoga, the concept of the meridians in Chinese medicine, Taoist philosophy, and Buddhist meditation techniques.

YIN NIDRA: Yin Nidra is a slow, gentle, deep, and meditative yoga class. The Yin Yoga focus is on opening and surrender by holding passive postures for a few minutes at a time. The Yoga Nidra is a guided deep relaxation for body, mind, and emotions that leads one into a meditative state.

RESTORATIVE: Complete relaxation, centering of the breath and body, aligning the physical and mental by practicing mental stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. Allowing the body and mind to rest and restore.

GONG MEDITATION: Swimming in the healing sounds of the gong. Strengthen the nervous system, start the healing process in the body, clear your subconscious from negative constructions and align your energy field.

LIFE COACHING: Find answers to questions such as: being stuck in life and confused on what to do next; how to turn negative feelings around and boost self-esteem. We share stories, do practical exercises, get inspired, and motivated to move forward.

ACRO YOGA JAM: An Acro Jam is a space and time when we get together to hang out, practice our skills and play. A jam is not a workshop or lesson, it is simply a gathering of like-minded people who love acrobatics, yoga, or the fusion of the two.

Pranayama Meditation: In pranayama meditation, we practice several techniques and understanding regarding "prana". We learn techniques to make ourselves more relaxed, for us to experience a deeper feeling of being relax.

Insight Meditation: is a practice to observe the mind object such as thoughts, feelings, emotion, and sensation. By undrstanding the what is arising in the mind, the body finally understands the reality of the present moment experience.In the regular practice, this meditation technique can help to find insight understanding from the conscious wisdom. The short benefit can be reached such as relax and calming the mind

GENTLE FLOW : Gentle Yoga Flow practice is accessible to all levels. Designed to revitalise the body and relax the mind, this class synchronises dynamic movement with restorative flow for the perfect mind and body connection. Great for beginners and regular yogi who wants to tone it down for the day, or anyone wanting to restore their internal balance.