At Serenity, our staff is a dedicated team committed to providing a tranquil and welcoming experience. With a focus on hospitality and professionalism, they ensure every guest feels valued and cared for. That is our promise and aim

DANIEL CHIEPPA - Main Director, Owner & Founder , Builder in Yoga & Eco Concept

Daniel Chieppa, a French adventurer, found love and adventure in Bali in the early 90s. It was there that he met his Balinese wife Yatna, and after having children Krishna and Bambou, they felt the need for a real family home and built Serenity Eco Guesthouse in 2003 as a place for family and friends. With time, Serenity grew into a center for eco-living and yoga in Bali, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and peace.

YATNA - Director, Owner, Co - Founder in Yoga & Eco Concept

Yatna, a native of Bali, crossed paths with her French partner, Daniel Chieppa. Sharing a passion for Yoga and eco-friendliness, they jointly established Serenity Eco Guesthouse , a haven focused on Yoga and sustainability. This venture sparked Yatna's journey into Vipassana meditation, leading her to delve deeper into its practice and ultimately become a Vipassana mentor.

KRISHNA - Director

I'm committed to addressing Bali's pressing issues, particularly pollution and unsustainable tourism. I champion local and affordable solutions, to make a positive impact on our environment and local economy. I'm also cofounder of Jiwa Community Garden, to foster a sense of unity, sustainability, and empowering individuals to embrace eco-friendly practices and harmony between humans and nature

AYU - General Manager

As a member of the Serenity team since 2014, I'm grateful for the familial atmosphere and warmth fostered by the owners and the team. Now, as the newly appointed General Manager, I'm excited to lead us to new heights, prioritizing excellence and meeting deadlines every step of the way.

DWI UPAYANA - Front Office Manager

For 7 years, I've been a part of the Serenity family, starting in 2017. Currently, I hold the position of Front Office Manager ensuring smooth operations and managing the accommodation system efficiently as a key pillar of Serenity.. Outside of work, I indulge in reading and creating short videos, exploring social media content creation as a side passion. Joining Serenity has been immensely fulfilling, and I look forward to our continued growth together!

AGUS - Yoga Manager

I am a dedicated member of the Serenity team, specializing in yoga. Since joining the company in 2017, I have played an integral role in the yoga department, bringing passion and expertise to every aspect of the practice. With a commitment to wellness and mindfulness, I continue to inspire others on their journey to health and balance.

RIA BURSIC - Marketing Manager

I was born and raised in one of the cool cities of one of the provinces in West Java in Sukabumi Since 2008. I decided to move and settle in Bali right in April 2023. I started my career at Serenity in the marketing department. As a marketing professional, my job is to develop and implement marketing strategies that attract potential customers, retain existing customers, and increase the growth and success of Serenity as a popular accommodation destination in Bali.

WINDY - Coordinator Back Office

At Serenity Eco Guesthouse, I'm an Accounting Staff driven by passion for numbers and a dedicated work ethic. What sets Serenity apart is their genuine care for my well-being, providing perks like a live pharmacy and Kangen water, fostering a positive work environment where I thrive.


At Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga, I'm the HR Manager, leveraging six years of experience to shape our workforce and nurture a culture of excellence. With three years dedicated to recruitment and management, I drive quality improvements while fostering a supportive environment for our staff's success.

EKA - Accounting

Putu Gek Eka Sumarwati Putra, born on January 27, 1982, in Denpasar, has seven years of experience in Back Office accounting. Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of financial processes, she ensures accurate financial records and smooth operations. Putu is committed to continuing her journey of excellence in accounting.

DANA - Purchasing

With five years of purchasing expertise, I excel in inventory management and document handling, ensuring efficiency and organization at Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga. My commitment to excellence and deep understanding of procurement processes consistently support smooth operations. I am dedicated to continuing my impactful journey in purchasing.

RIMA - Coordinator Operational

I grew up in a small city in Magelang, Central Java. Later, I moved to Bali, leaving behind the busy life of Jakarta. Now, I'm enjoying a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Working at Alkaline Restaurant is a dream come true for me as I continuously strive to improve my life, focusing on being the healthiest,happiest, and loving my body and soul with fresh and locally sourced food.

KRISNA JAYA - Coordinator Housekeeping

With seven years in the Housekeeping Department, I ensure top-notch room maintenance and cleanliness as Housekeeping Coordinator. My experience and attention to detail uphold high standards of hygiene and guest satisfaction. Based in Banjar Senggang, Nyitdah Village, Kediri Sub-district, Tabanan District, Bali, I am deeply rooted in the local community.

JANU - Coordinator Maintenance

With nine years in Maintenance and Technical Coordination, I oversee smooth facility operations as the MTC Coordinator. My extensive experience and deep understanding of technical systems ensure efficient issue resolution. Based in Br. Tukang Village, Perean Tengah Sub-district, Baturiti Tabanan District, I am deeply connected to the local community.

GUNA - Coordinator Gardener in Pemaculture & Kangen Water Specialist

Since joining Serenity in 2018, I have been dedicated to garden care and Kangen water production, ensuring a beautiful, tranquil environment. My efforts support Serenity's commitment to holistic well-being, making me a valued team member.

RAUL - Coordinator Security

For nearly 12 years, I've been a loyal member of the Security Department at Serenity Eco Guesthouse since 2013. Throughout challenges, including the pandemic, I've stood by my Serenity family, contributing to our resilience and commitment to hospitality. I look forward to our continued growth and unity, ensuring Serenity remains a peaceful retreat for all.

SINTA - Coordinator SPA

With five years at Serenity Eco Guesthouse, I excel as a Senior Therapist in the SPA department. My dedication to holistic wellness leaves guests refreshed and revitalized. With a warm demeanor and a passion for travel, I guide guests on a journey toward inner harmony and well-being.

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