Composting made easy. Sign-up now and start having your organic waste composted. Be a hero!

Why Compost?

70% of Bali's waste is organic (not waste). Yet everyday rubbish trucks combine organic and non-organic waste together, sending it to the landfill.

If we are able to change the mindset on what is actually rubbish, then BAM! Just like that we have reduced Bali's rubbish by 70%!

70% of the landfill waste cannot breakdown because of three factors:

- organic waste is wrapped in plastic bags
- the toxic environment doesn't allow nature to decompose the organic waste
- land fills only cover the waste with a thin layer of soil, this doesn't promote a composting environment

Why Compost Heroes?

- Reduce your household/business waste by 70-90%!
- Reduce your rubbish pickup costs (if using a conventional rubbish pickup service)
- We have been composting since 2007!
- 100% local initiative managed by locals from Canggu; we are in it for the long run (if not us then who?)
- Our rubbish bins are upcycled (not new to avoid creating more waste)
- Network and get membership benefits from like-minded companies!

Pricing scheme

- 1 month subscription (4 pickups): 50,000 IDR

- 3 month subscription (12 pickups): 150,000 IDR + *bonus 3 veggie box/bag of fertilizer/herb plant

- 6 month subscription (24 pickups): 300,000 IDR + *bonus 8 veggie box/bag of fertilizer/herb plant

- 12 month subscription (48 pickups): 600,000 IDR + *bonus 16 veggie box/bag of fertilizer/herb plant

We will provide as many 25 L compost bins as you need

*For bonus, payment must be made up-front in full

Terms and Conditions

Currently we are located in Canggu so we are able to service to Compost Heroes within a 5km radius of the Local Canggu Market/Pasar Desa Canggu.

If outside of the radius we will keep you updated on the next Compost Hero HQ completion!