Healthy Vegan Food & Juice in Canggu, Bali

Alkaline Restaurant in Serenity Bali


At Serenity Bali we aim to live a healthy, sustainable, natural & spiritual way of life. This translates into our food at Alkaline Restaurant. We believe in the power of high quality nutrition to be our medicine, Our secret ALKALINE FOOD is prepared with ALKALINE WATER. All fresh produce is from our garden or locally sourced (max 50km).

Our owners Yatna, Daniel, Krishna, our beautiful team and finally our dear worldwide volunteers have created this genuine, unique, fresh and healthy "RAW AND VEGAN CUISINE", We're passionate about healthy food and continuously love experimenting with new ideas. All the food served at Alkaline Restaurant is free from sugar, dairy and eggs and we try to be gluten-free as much as possible. Just type in "Vegan restaurant near Me" in your browser and you'll see.

ALKALINE FOOD: Helps your body maintain Healthy pH level (pH 7+). This is a simple formula making sure you are getting a balanced non-acidic meal, full of nutrients.

ALKALINE WATER: We produce Alkaline water (pH 85 - 95) on-site in our "kangen water lab", This high pH water has antioxidant properties using the process of ionization and ozonization, which aids to neutralize the acidity in your bloodstream.

ORGANIC PERMACULTURE GARDEN: This is the Serenity Bali practical method of developing an ecologically harmonious environment, efficient and productive system. There are three principles for organic permaculture.
"Plant & Grow" only:
I) What you can eat
II) Medicinal plants
III) What is beautiful and fragrant

Given as a token of appreciation to Alkaline Vegan Restaurant for implementing the highest standard of sustainable practices in Bali.

17 December 2023

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