50hr Aerial Vinyasa Yoga with Elements

Catarina Aires Mota Teacher Training Bali

5 December to 11 of December 2022

750 euros Early Bird* | 850 euros - December

(*if booked before 1 Sept 2022)

This course is designed for Yoga teachers/ Bodyworkers / Dancers who would like to learn and expand their knowledge and practice / teach Aerial Yoga

This training is a fusion of Vinyasa Yoga, movement exploration, Restorative Yoga all connected with the understanding of the Five Elements. The silk suspended in the air allows for greater freedom of movement, opening more space in the body, which can be very therapeutic, supporting more challenging asanas like inversions, but also invites the body/mind to relax and surrender in restorative asanas.


. Introduction to Aerial Yoga, the roots of this practice
. Safety rules, setting up the class
. The silk and the body
. The Five Elements theory
. How to use the theory of Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) in Aerial Yoga practice
. Methodology: Asanas with the silk
. Restorative Practice
. Aerial Yoga and Inversions
. Pranayama
. Sequencing - putting it all together
. Spotting and adjusting
. Daily Aerial Yoga practice
. Silk and The Fascia
. Practicum (practice teaching)

This course is International Certified by YACEP -Yoga Alliance.

Catarina Aires Mota
Lead Teacher

Catarina she born in Portugal in 1980. She´s a yogini, aerial yoga teacher, mama, lover of movement, dance and waterdance. Catarina was always curious to understand the deeper meaning of life, embarking on the journey of self-knowledge from a very early age, exploring many different healing systems and techniques, learning, studying and ever-evolving.
She started to study Ayurvedic Massage and in 2012 .The path of Yoga start in India and continue until today.
She Teachs Vinyasa Flow and Aerial Yoga from 2016 her classes are a combination of flow and strenght, movement and focus respecting always each body, each person.
She believes that the movement never lies and Yoga and dance is a way of healing and self acceptance.